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New Lutron VB-8200 Digital Vibration Meter with Magnetic ...

Product SKU : 4669
Base price: AUD$550

New Amprobe Tach20 Combination Tachometer Contact and ...

Product SKU : 4668
Base price: AUD$380

Used Fluke i400S 400A AC Current Clamp For Sale Buy Price

Product SKU : 4665
Base price: AUD$285

Used Fuji Tecom HG-10AU II Water Leak Detector Ground ...

Product SKU : 4664
Base price: AUD$1900

Used PCWI Porosity Detector Brush Accessory Kit For Sale ...

Product SKU : 4649
Base price: AUD$400

Used Kimo DBM610 Airconditioning Air Flow Meter airflow ...

Product SKU : 4625
Base price: AUD$2250

Used Fluke 1623 Earth Ground Clamp with Standard Loop For ...

Product SKU : 4618
Base price: AUD$1800

Used Sper Scientific WBGT SD Card Data Logger For Sale ...

Product SKU : 4570
Base price: AUD$300

New Lutron AM-4217SD Vane Anemometer with SD Card Data ...

Product SKU : 4569
Base price: AUD$300

Used Kestrel 1000 Pocket Weather Meter suit DZSO (Drop ...

Product SKU : 4568
Base price: AUD$150