Honda Odyssey P1E ECU Engine Electronic Control Unit 79-98-99-0

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This ECU was bought for a Honda Odyssey we had but it was not compatible.

I believe the critical designation is P1E.

The unit should suit an Auto Transmission Honda Odyssey of around the 97/00 vintage.



  • Condition: Use


  • Make: Honda - Denshigiken


  • Type: P1E Electronic Control Unit


  • Model: 37820-P1E-A50


  • Serial:396-133772


  • Other Info:KA-AT


  • Weight: 1.0kg



Manufacturer Link: http://www.

Replacement Price is approximately AUD$2500.

The unit is sold with a Works on Arrival Warranty.

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Honda P1E ECU 3.JPG
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