Transpack Electrodrive

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This unit is in excellent condition, having just come from a local hospital where it was used as a mobile magazine sales shop.

This trolley would be ideal for a self contained coffee stall as it has the capacity to carry the weight of a battery, water and coffee machine.

The trolley is made in Australia and very simple to operate. It has a forward/reverse switch and speed is controlled by squeezing the lever beneath the handle. There is also a maximum speed preset knob by the speed control.

The superstructure can be removed so that it can be used as a flat bed trolley.

The machine is fitted out with perspex racks. The trolley is rated for a 300kg load up a 10 degree incline.

Range is 12km under normal conditions.

Dimensions: 1920mm High x 610mm Wide x 1320mm Long - handle up (cart unit is 1060 long).

The unit comes with a key and a battery charger.

Replacement price is $7,600.

The trolley comes with a Works on Arrival Warranty.