CipherTel Repeater Trailer

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Price: AUD$8000


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Solar Powered Radio Repeater Trailer
  • Make: CiperTel
  • Model: Radio Repeater
  • VIN: No
  • Registration: Not Registered
  • Mast: Fireco CM5701 100mm x 7.5m 7-Stage 22kg Load Aluminium
  • Solar Panels: 1100W, 4 x Csun 275W
  • Solar Controller: 20A
  • Batteries: Nil
  • Battery Box: Underneath, up to 6 large batteries
  • Stabilisers: 4
  • Hitch: Removable front and back, 50mm Ball, Jockeywheel
  • Electronics: PacketFlux Site Monitor, SD200C 24V Power Supply, 3onedata IES205 Ethernet, Coolling Fan,
  • Cables: Earth Stake, Ethernet to Masthead, RF to Masthead
  • Weight: 1500.0kg

Replacement cost is approximately AUD$

The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.