VW Minilogger 52613310

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"The VW MiniLogger is a reliable, lowcostdata logger designed to monitor a single vibrating wire sensor, such as a VW piezometer or crackmeter.
Typical applications include:
• Monitoring small projects, where only a few sensors are installed. Note that one MiniLogger is required for each sensor.
• Monitoring single sensors that are too far away to connect to a centralized data acquisition system.
• Monitoring single sensors in areas where heavy traffic or electrical noise prevents use of long cables.
• Monitoring single sensors during early phase of construction when centralized data acquisition system is not ready.

VW Piezometers are used to monitor pore-water pressure. They can also be used to monitor water levels. Typical applications include:
• Monitoring pore water pressures to determine safe rates of fill or excavation.
• Monitoring pore water pressures to determine slope stability.
• Monitoring the effects of dewatering systems used for excavations.
• Monitoring the effects of ground improvement systems such as vertical drains and sand drains.
• Monitoring pore pressures to check the performance of earth fill dams and embankments.
• Monitoring pore pressures to check containment systems at land fills and tailings dams.
• Monitoring water levels in stilling basins and weirs."


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Pore Water Pressure Data Logger
  • Make: VW MiniLogger
  • Model: 52613310
  • Serial: 1749.....1753
  • Quantity: 5 Sets
  • Probes: DGSI Slope Indicator, VWP Push-In Piezometer, Part# 52621020, Serial: 1749 .... 1753, DOM 2010, 350kPa
  • Cable: 15m
  • Accessories: Comms cable and adapter
  • Paperwork: 5 x Piezometer Calibration Cerrtificates
  • Weight: 10.0kg

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