Sieger SHC1

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"The SHC-1 Handheld Interrogator is a portable, IntrinsicallySafe (IS) device which can be used to calibrate, test and commission all of Honeywell Analytics Searchpoint and Searchline optical gas detection  products. The SHC-1 interrogator communicates with detectors via a digital RS485 link. Electrically, this link can be made either by using the IS socket on the DVC100 / DX100 or by connecting the flying leads on the SHC Protection Device (04230-A-1025) to the appropriate junction box terminals."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Portable ATEX Interrogator Calibrator for Infrared Gas Detector
  • Make: Sieger, Honeywell
  • Series: Optima Plus and Excel
  • Model: SHC-1
  • Part: 04230-A-1010
  • Serial: W053170
  • Options: Honeywell 04230-A-1025, serial# 061602, Protection Device Module and Lead
  • Accessories: Soft Case
  • Standard: Ex ia IIC T4, Class 1, ZOne 0, AUS Ex 3615X
  • Weight: 2.0kg

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