Ritec RAM5000

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This unit came in from the Australian Defence Department as surplus stock. The two High Voltage (2450V/8A) fuses have been removed.

"The RITEC RAM-5000 is a complete ultrasonic measurement system designed for ultrasonic research and applications of the nondestructive evaluation of materials properties. Some special capabilities not available in other commercial instruments include:
• The ability to make reproducible measurements using short (down to single cycle) RF burst excitations in composites and other difficult materials,
• High power RF tone burst excitations up to 5 kilowatts, providing ability to drive inefficient transducers,
• A modular approach, (This permits a system to be customized by the user for specific experimental requirements. Standard configurations include a high power tone burst pulser, a broadband pulser/receiver and the complete superheterodyne measurement system.) The RAM-5000 power frame was designed to accept up to five gated amplifier modules; this allows a wider frequency range using two or more gated amplifiers.
• Superior signal processing for amplitude and phase measurements of pulsed RF signals. Measurements of the phase angle are reproducible to within 0.03 degrees and amplitudes are reproducible to within 0.01 dB. For example, in a test  sample with a transit time of 5 microseconds with 10 MHz transducers, a resolution of 4 picoseconds is possible."

"Mark I configuration consists of the gated amplifier, element I, and the power frame. For operation, an external RF source and timing gates are required."


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Advanced Ultrasonic Measurement System
  • Make: Ritec Inc
  • Model: RAM-5000-0.25-10-1.5kW-Mk1
  • Serial: 4773
  • Range: 0.25MHz to 10MHz
  • Power: 1.5kW
  • Software: Ritec Australian Defence Dept RAM-5000-0.25-10-1.5kw Mark 1 system, and Sealevel (Install/Support/Literature/Browse)
  • Accessories: User Manual
  • Packaging: Generic
  • Weight: 14.9kg

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