Norbar 43228

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These units were held in spares on a gas project and appear to have never been used.

"The TTT shares all of the extensive features of the TST except that it has no internal transducer. Instead, the TTT offers not one but three external transducer interfaces allowing any three transducers to be simultaneously connected. Selection between the transducers is made by a rotary switch at the back of the instrument case. Any transducer from Norbar's "SMART" range and most mV/V calibrated transducers from Norbar or other manufacturers can be connected to the TTT. The "SMART" feature means that once a transducer has been connected, the instrument will automatically recognise calibration details such as mV/V output, serial number and capacity."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Torque Calibration Unit
  • Make: Norbar
  • Series: TTT Series 3
  • Model: 43228
  • Serial: 81103
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5%
  • Transducer 1: 50672.LOG, Serial# 80432, 10Nm
  • Transducer 2: 50674.LOG, Serial# 79744, 150Nm
  • Transducer 3: 50676.LOG, Serial# 81232, 1500lNm
  • Stand: Yes
  • Accessories: Hard Case, User Manual, Original Calibrations (2012), Cables
  • Weight: 49.5kg

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