Druck ADTS500

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This ADTS set is ex Australian Defence Force and has been in storage for a few years.

The unit powers up and passes the Leak-Test but will require calibration.

"The Druck / GE Sensing ADTS-500 provide dual channel altitude and airspeed simulation capability. It is ideal for pitot static leak testing, functional checks and system fault finding directly on the flightline. The ADTS-500 is housed in a rugged polyethylene case with 12 hour nominal continuous operation through rechargeable batteries. It is designed with twin LCD displays for simultaneous viewing of altitude and airspeed.

  • Integral pressure/vacuum pump
  • Programmable aircraft limits
  • Accuracy to 10ft and 0.2kts
  • Dual channel pitot static/leak testing
  • Simultaneous dual displays
  • Altitude, airspeed and rate of climb"


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Pitot Static Air Data Test Set
  • Make: Druck
  • Model: ADTS-500
  • Serial: 500-128/94-09
  • NSN: 4920-66-135-5201
  • Altitude: -2,000' to 50,000' - 15' resolution
  • Airspeed: 0kts to 500kts - 0.2kt accuracy
  • ROC: 0' to 6000'/min
  • Scale: Kts, Kmh, Ft, Mtrs, inHg, psi, mbar
  • Protections: Solenoid prevents over
  • Accessories: Pitot & Static hoses, AC Cable
  • Batteries: Internal (12hrs)
  • AC Input: 90 to 260VAC, 20W
  • Dimensions: 430W x 230H x 350D mm
  • Weight: 12.0kg

This unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.