Digitech 2650

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This ex-military unit has been well looked after and is sold with a Works on Arrival Warranty.

The 2650-01 is a completely self-contained solid state device. It is used for measuring data and telegraph signal distortion, telegraph loop current, and detection of Parity errors for ASCII signals. Average and Peak distortion measurements are made on all types of start/stop and synchronous signals regardless of code level or stop length. The amount of distortion is displayed on the front panel meter which is calibrated from 0-50% in 2% increments. Lamps indicate the type of distortion measured, Marking or Spacing. Odd or Evan parity errors are detected (on 8-level ASCII data) and are indicated by illumination of the error lamp. The Analyzer operates at speeds selectable between 45 & 1200 baud and accepts series inputs from 20-70mA bridging inputs from +/-0V to +/-150V. 

The Analyzer emplys the concept that signal distortion is measured in tgerms of the time that the signal is in a "space" condition relative to the time interval that theoretically perfect "space" interval occupies. Both single and multiple unit "space" intervals are measured, such that all characters in any code, start/stop or synchronous are measured.

Timing is derived from a crystal controlled oscillator, the output of which is counted down by the Count-down circuit to 128 times the baud rate. The input circuit recreates the input data signal to the required logic levels. The re-created data is applied to the Count Control where the 128X is gated to the Binary Counter.

The measurement process consists of counting intervals of time from the time of a Mark-to-Space to the time of a a Space-to-Mark transition. When the Space-to-Mark transition occures, the contents of the binary Counter will indicate the elapsed time from the start of the slot until the actual transition occurs.


  • Make: Digitech Data IND. INC. - Ridgefield Connecticut
  • Type: Distortion Analyzer
  • Model: 2650-01
  • Serial: 2546 (or thereabouts)
  • Input: 240VAC, 5W
  • Includes User Manual
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Speeds: 50,75,96,110,135,150,192,200,300,600 & 1200 baud

The unit is sold with a Works on Arrival Warranty.

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