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Test equipment and electronic components

Used TnT 3PLM 32A 3ph Electrical Appliance Tester For ...

Product SKU : 5271
Price: AUD$5500

Used Casella 176000A Microdust Pro 880nm Aerosol ...

Product SKU : 5256
Price: AUD$4000

Used VW MiniLogger with VWP Push-in Piezometer Pore Water ...

Product SKU : 5184
Price: AUD$2500

Used Seaward PrimeTest 300 Portable Appliance PAT Tester ...

Product SKU : 5060
Price: AUD$900

Used Temperature Probe Set K-Type x10 For Sale Buy Price

Product SKU : 4906
Price: AUD$400

New Logstor RedDetect X3 Pipe Leak Detection System For ...

Product SKU : 4877
Price: AUD$750

Used Fluke 80TK Thermocouple Module For Sale Buy Price

Product SKU : 4798
Price: AUD$80

Used Megger LRCD200 Loop Impedance & RCD Combined ...

Product SKU : 4743
Price: AUD$700

New SG Prittie 23234-01-1-SGP Setting Ring 50mm ...

Product SKU : 4687
Price: AUD$200

New Martindale PD440 430VAC Proving Unit and Voltage ...

Product SKU : 4676
Price: AUD$200