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Emtelle 7779

Used Emtelle 7779 BT 2A Blown Fibre Blowing Unit For Sale ...

Price: AUD$4000

Emtelle 820B

Used Emtelle 820B Flow Meter Kit for Blown Fibre ...

Price: AUD$300

Tekron TCG01G

New Tekron TCG 01-G GPS GNSS Timing Generator Time ...

Price: AUD$1700

Elcometer 266

Used Elcometer 266-DC Holiday Paint Coating Porosity ...

Price: AUD$2800

Spy 785

Used Spy 785 Portable Holiday Detector for Coating ...

Price: AUD$2000

CDI CD42 Kit

Used CDI CD42 Pipeline Pig Locator and Tracker System For ...

Price: AUD$5000