Test Equipment

Test equipment and electronic components

Used Met One Instruments 455B Data Logger For Sale Buy ...

Product SKU : 6420
Price: AUD$300

Used Radiation Energy Balance Systems REBS Q7 Total ...

Product SKU : 6417
Price: AUD$700

Used Met One Instruments 034B Wind Sensor Anemometer For ...

Product SKU : 6416
Price: AUD$300

Used Ritec RAM-5000 1.5kW Advanced Ultrasonic Measurement ...

Product SKU : 6403
Price: AUD$5000

Used Olympus IF4D5-15 4mm x 1.5m Optical Fibrescope ...

Product SKU : 6373
Price: AUD$1500

Used SOLinst P2 30m Water Level Meter For Sale Buy Price

Product SKU : 6115
Price: AUD$500

Used Elcometer 345FB Ferrous Coating Thickness Meter for ...

Product SKU : 6093
Price: AUD$120

Used DeFelsko FS Ferrous Probe for Positector For Sale ...

Product SKU : 5918
Price: AUD$200

Used DeFelsko SPG Surface Profile Gauge Probe for ...

Product SKU : 5917
Price: AUD$350

Used DeFelsko DPM Environmental Dewpoint Probe for ...

Product SKU : 5916
Price: AUD$300
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