Emtelle 7779

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This unit is in immaculate condition and appears to have had little if any use. I have powered the macghine up via the 24V system and cycled the roller to show the unit is recording correctly - see photos.

"The blowing unit has an internal buckle detector to guarantee fibre integrity at all times during the fibre installation. The blowing unit comes with a set of 4 fibre plates which can be interchanged as required with 8 or 12 fibre plates"


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Blown Fibre Blowing Unit
  • Make: Emtelle, BT British Telecom
  • Model: 7779, 2A
  • Serial: 09EMT1242
  • Speed: 55m/min
  • Size: 2mm to 12mm
  • Plate1: Part# 7007 8-Fibre
  • Plate2: Part# 7584 2/4 Fibre
  • Plate3: Part# 7481 12 Fibre
  • Input: 110VAC, 24VDC, 45W
  • Last Calibtation: 2009
  • Accessories: 4 x Fibre Plates,
  • Weight: 12.5kg

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$17,000

The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.