Survey Equipment

Used Topcon 63mm Prism with Holder and Bracket For Sale ...

Product SKU : 3064
Price: AUD$200

New Duvalco HP7400 High Performance Double Offset DN50 ...

Product SKU : 4367
Price: AUD$1000

Used Topcon Tesla Field Controller with Carlson SurvCE ...

Product SKU : 4658
Price: AUD$1500

Used Trimble GeoBeacon Set GPS Beacon with Bluetooth For ...

Product SKU : 4692
Price: AUD$700

Used Imex LAR28 Auto Level dumpy For Sale Buy Price

Product SKU : 4770
Price: AUD$225

Used Trimble 61116-00 Dual Slot Battery Charger For Sale ...

Product SKU : 4781
Price: AUD$370

Used Trimble NetM3 MSK Modulator DGNSS GPS DGPS correction ...

Product SKU : 4840
Price: AUD$1100

New Nautel D375 Vector Radio Beacon RF Power Module DGPS ...

Product SKU : 4857
Price: AUD$7500

Used Topcon ATP1 Survey Prism with Holder For Sale Buy ...

Product SKU : 4861
Price: AUD$650

Used Topcon ATP1 Prism with Geodesy Tribrach and ...

Product SKU : 4862
Price: AUD$600
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