MSA 10093348

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These units were held as spares on a Gas Project but never used. The boxes got rain damaged in transit and there is corrossion on some of the eyelets.

The arrestors are sold in good working condition and come with a 30 day warranty.


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Personal Fall Limiter PFL with Load Indicator
  • Make: MSA
  • Series: Workman
  • Model: Cables: 10093348
  • Part: A-PFL-0-12-0-0-Y
  • Year: 2012
  • Length: 3.7m
  • Capacity: 59-141kg
  • Arrest: 4kN (av), 1.4m max
  • Packaging: Original but water damaged
  • Weight: 2.0kg

Replacement price on this item is approximately AUD$330

The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.