Vega Vegason 65

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"The VEGASON … sensor systems or compact instruments are used for continuous and non-contact level measurement. Short sound impulse packets are emitted by the transducer of the pulse-echo sensor. The combined emitter and receiver system detects the pulses reflected by the product. The running period of the ultrasonic pulses is directly proportional to the distance between sensor and measured product. The signal  processing ECHOFOX® uses modern methods of signal analysis to process the reflected ultrasonic pulses.The signal-to noise ratio is optimized by digital signal processing methods with mathematic algorithms (DSP). The automatic configuration of a user specific data base enables an optimum adaption to the respective application. The use of fuzzy-logic for echo evaluation ensures a reliable determination of the level. False echoes, e.g. from stirrers or other installations are detected and are not included in the generation of the measured value. These measuring data are transmitted digitally to respective signal conditioning instruments or processing systems and processed. The operation of the sensors is made via the signal conditioning instrument VEGAMET or via a PC (VEGACONNECT necessary). Compact instruments are additionally equipped with an integral  output of the measuring data and make a current output 0 … 20 mA available. The operation of the compact instrument is only possible with PC via VEGACONNECT"


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Ultrasonic Level Measurement
  • Make: Vega
  • Series: Vegason Echofox
  • Model: 65 (SW65 on transducer)
  • Serial: 20552294
  • Range: 0.8m to 45m
  • Press: -0.2 to 0.5bar
  • Input: 20-72DC/20-253VAC, 2.1W
  • Comms: 4-wire HART
  • Freq: 18kHz x 5deg
  • Enclosure: IP67 (IP68 on transducer)
  • Temp: -40C to 80C
  • Packaging: Original
  • Accessories: Connecting Cable, Paperwork
  • Weight: 15.0kg

Vegason 65 Specifications

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