Polymetron SLM3000

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"The SLM-3000 provides continuous, reliable blanket level monitoring in clarifiers and thickeners. The standard instrument provides a 0/4–20 mA depth output proportional to either blanket height or depth, depending on the user’s preference. An optional suspended solids output provides a profile of solids concentrations from the water level to the blanket. This information can be used to prevent solids carryover due to poor settling ability. The sensor employs the patented 4-BeamTM Alternating Light Principle, which compensates for fouling and component aging. Relays and analog output(s) provide essential data for auto–desludging of clarifiers and tanks. Accurately measures light–colored and low–density blankets in water preparation processes. Easy installation, setup and calibration; virtually maintenance–free. IEC certified for EMC; IEC, UL, CSA safety approved."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Level Monitor
  • Make: Zellweger Analytics
  • Series: Polymetron
  • Model: SLM-3000
  • Serial: 0182401
  • Part: 886-3200-204
  • Range: 0-8g/l in sludge
  • Display: %, g/l, mg/l, ppm
  • Depth: 0-15m @ 0.05m resolution
  • Probe: Nil
  • Input: 220VAC
  • Weight: 17.5kg

The unit is sold with a30 Day Warranty