Crystal XP2i-2000

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"The world's most popular test gauge is IECEx and ATEX certified for zone 0 (gas) hazardous areas and measures from vacuum to 15000 PSI at up to 0.02% accuracy... The intrinsically safe, ultra tough, XP2i digital test gauge is a true industry standard; trusted worldwide from offshore platforms to the harshest deserts and found wherever reliable accuracy or rugged durability is demanded. Highly flexible and configurable, the XP2i is available with a choice of accuracies, an optional rear pressure port and flange adapters for panel mounting, or a dual-line display to show tare, peaks, average, leak rate or differential pressure when connected to a second gauge. The XP2i also transforms into a 32000 point data logger with the DataLoggerXP firmware upgrade and software. Every XP2i comes with an A2LA (an ILAC MRA partner) accredited calibration report to ISO / IEC 17025 (NATA equivalent) standards, showing data over the full temperature compensated range of -10 to +50°C."
  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Intrinsically Safe Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Make: Crystal Engineering, Ametek
  • Model: XP2i - 2000psi
  • Press: -14.5psi to 2000psi
  • Accuracy: Accuracy: 20% to 110% of Full Scale: (0.1% of Reading) 0 to 20% of Full Scale: (0.02% of Full Scale)
  • Temp: -20C to 50C compensated
  • Medium: Liquids & Gases compatible with 316 Stainless Steel
  • Coms: RS232, DB-9F
  • Last Cal: Aug16
  • Input: 3 x AA Batts
  • Connection: 7/16"-20 MP (Crystal CPF) female connection
  • Standard: NEMA4, IP66, II 1G Ex ia IIC T4/T3 Ga, FTZU 12 ATEX 0048X, EN 60079-0: 2009 | EN 60079-11: 2012 | EN 60079-26: 2007
  • Weight: 0.6g

Replacement price on this unit with the dies is approximately AUD$1450

This unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.