Barton 227CS

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"The Model 227A/227C Differential Pressure Indicator is designed to measure liquid flow or liquid level. In flow measurement applications, the instrument is connected to the low and high pressure sides of a  primary device (orifice plate, a venturi tube, or a flow tube) located in the process run. In liquid level measurement applications, the instrument is connected to monitor changes in differential pressure relative to  variations of liquid height in a vessel. The indicator has a 6 inch dial. The indicating pointer traverses a 270° arc (nominal) to measure differential pressure, flow, or liquid level. The indicator movement has a  micrometer screw for range adjustment. Zero is adjusted by "slipping" pointer on hub, which can be done without removing the scaleplate or pointer. The Range can also be adjusted without removing the  scaleplate or pointer. Linearity adjustments are accessible after removal of the scale plate. .... The 227C is actuated by a Model 224C DPU."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Differential Pressure Indicator Gauge
  • Make: Barton, Cameron
  • Model: 227CS-12089334900
  • Serial:
  • SWP: 500psi
  • Fill: M
  • Range: 0-6940 MMWC (millimeters per water column), 9.716psi
  • Cal: 02-6940 MMWC
  • Packaging: Generic
  • Weight: 4.3kg 

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