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CIS Demon6

New Caledonia Instrumentation Systems Demon-6 Ferrous ...

Price: AUD$650

Rosemount KJ4001X1BA3

New Rosemount KJ4001X1-BA3 DeltaV 30VDC Power ...

Price: AUD$500

Rosemount KJ3222X1BA1

New Rosemount KJ3222X1-BA1 DeltaV 8PT Analog HART Input ...

Price: AUD$1250

Rosemount KJ3221X1BA1

New Rosemount KJ3221X1-BA1 DeltaV 8PT Analog HART Input ...

Price: AUD$1700

Rosemount KJ3202X1BA1

New Rosemount KJ3202X1-BA1 DeltaV 24VDC High Side ...

Price: AUD$800