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Modicon 140NOM21100

Used Schneider Modicon TSX Quantum 140 NOM 211 00 MB+ ...

Price: AUD$200

Modicon 140ACI03000

Used Schneider Modicon TSX Quantum 140-ACI-030-00 ...

Price: AUD$200

Modicon 140CRP93100

New Schneider Modicon Quantum 140-CRP-931-00 RIO Head S908 ...

Price: AUD$500

Siemens 6ES79538LG110AA0

New Siemens 6ES7953-8LG11-0AA0 Simatic Micro Memory Card ...

Price: AUD$130

Triconex Tristation

New Triconex Tristation software part# 3000357-001 For ...

Price: AUD$800

Triconex 9000011000

New Triconex 9000011-000 V2.2 History and Statistics ...

Price: AUD$250