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"The sensitive earth-fault relay SPAJ 111 C is designed to be used as a neutral current measuring feeder earth-fault relay, as generator interturn fault protection, as capacitor bank unbalance protection and rotor earth-fault protection. The sensitive earth-fault relay is suited for both primary and back-up earth-fault protection. The input impedance of the energizing circuit of the earth-fault relay is extremely low which means that the relay can lso be energized from low output core-balance current transformers. Core-balance current transformers can be recommended when extremely sensitive earth-fault protection is required. The earth-fault relay can also be energized from a set of three phase current transformers connected in parallel, a so called residual current connection."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Earth Fault Relay
  • Make: ABB
  • Model: SPAJ-111C-CA
  • Serial: EQ605117
  • Part: RS-421-011-CA
  • Rev: A
  • Accessories: Certification, Paperwork
  • Packaging: Original
  • Weight: 3.5kg

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