Olympus R060-046045SW115-50

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These swing prism borescopes were held as spare stock from the military and appear to be unused.

I also have new portable Pag-2 battery belts with ILK-2 Light source kits to compliment these.

"Rigid borescopes which direction of view can be adjusted continuously from fore-oblique to retro viewing-coupled with the field of view, this allows a total viewing arc of 120°to 140°. Some applications require the observation of a wider area that can be achieved using a single rigid instrument. Standard rigid borescopes have a fixed direction of view and a fixed field of view, which although perfectly suited to a single area inspection, can necessitate a kit of multiple instruments to fully inspect a larger area. The Swing Prism borescopes feature an adjustable prism in the objective end of the instrument that allows the operator to remotely control the direction of view from 45° fore-oblique to 115° retro, thus allowing the area to be 'scanned'. Coupled to the standard 50° field of view of the instrument, a total arc of 120° can be viewed. In addition, the light guide fibers at the objective end are separated to provide a spread of illumination across the entire viewing range. All the optical innovations of conventional Olympus standard rigid borescopes are also incorporated in the Swing Prism design."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Swing Prism Rigid Borescope
  • Series: 5
  • Make: Olympus
  • Model: R060046045SW115-50
  • Diameter: 6.1mm
  • Eff. Length: 460mm
  • Dir View: 45 to 115deg
  • Field: 50deg
  • Depth: 5mm to infinity
  • Packaging: Original
  • Weight: 0.5kg

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$4,400

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