Olympus IF8C530

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This scope has four broken fibres in the centre and three more grouped together on the periphery, for a total of seven.

"Flexible fiberscopes allow remote visual inspection to be carried out in areas where the route to the area of interest includes negotiating a series of bends or where the length of instrument required is outside the limits of a rigid borescope. The construction of an Olympus fiberscope is a specialized process, requiring a combination of advanced optical and mechanical technologies, resulting in a finished product with many high performance design features. The standardized fiberscopes achieve the highest image quality in 6.0mm, 8.4mm and 11.3mm diameter at lengths of up to 3.0m (10') with design of four-way angulation and interchangeable optical tip adapters. The focus of the optical system is fixed, however, each inspection has different requirements with regard to depth of field and direction of view. For this reason, all standard model fiberscopes have interchangeable optical tip adaptors to provide versatility and are available in direct or side viewing configuration - just select the tip adaptor most suitable for the application. Separately, a diopter focus compensates for the individual's eyesight. The Olympus image size is larger than most other fiberscopes. Due to the optical quality, the image of an Olympus fiberscope can be magnified and maintain a high resolution image. Most of our fiberscopes employ the patented TF (Tapered Flex) Tube. Ideal for insertion into multiple-bend pipes, the insertion tube flexibility changes continuously-being highly flexible at the tip and rigid at the control section. As a result, these fiberscopes can easily be passed through bends and elbows. At the same time, the gradually increase rigidity of tube as it approaches control section assures easier transmission of publishing/ twisting strength after the first bend. All scopes featuring the TF Tube are marked with the logo shown below. All models feature four-way angulation of the distal end, which aids insertion and maneuverability and helps to 'steer' the tip towards the inspection area. Video recording and photography are available by connecting a CCD camera or the Olympus digital camera. The construction of the insertion tube (the part of the instrument inserted into the application area) is especially important to ensure reliability and durability, but without compromising flexibility. Olympus have excelled in this area, creating a design of four individual layers which together protect the internal components and provide fluid resistance."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Fiberscope
  • Make: Olympus
  • Model: IF8C5-30
  • Serial:
  • OD: 8.4mm
  • Length: 3000mm
  • Lens: AT60D/FF
  • Accessories: Hard Case
  • Weight: 5.0kg

Olympus Industrial Fiberscope Brochure

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