Bosch VCS VideoJet 1000

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Price: AUD$450

"The VideoJet 1000 sends and receives high-resolution, DVD-quality video over IP networks, while simultaneously acting as a high-quality single-channel DVR recorder.  Its applications range from point-to-point transmission over IP networks, to large-scale CCTV solutions (digital matrix) demanding the highest video quality like casinos and transportation projects."


  • Condition: USED
  • Make: VCS
  • Type: Network Video Codec DVR
  • Model: VideoJet 1000 / HD120.0GB
  • Serial: 280335381126or thereabouts
  • Part #:2904
  • Hard Drive: 120GB
  • Ports: Video In/Out, Audio In/Out, Com1 & 2, Alarm In/Out, Ethernet 100/100
  • Power Input: 100-240VAC
  • Weight: 2.8 kg

Replacement price is approximately AUD$.

The unit is sold with a Works on Arrival Warranty.

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