BOC Scientific HPT500-125-4F-4F Gas Regulator - New

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This Scientific Gas Regulator is new in its original packaging and comes with a Helium Leak Certification.

**Please note that this unit is factory sealed but has had the -125- designation in the model number blackened-out.  Refer to photos.

"The HPT 500 brass two stage regulators are recommended for high purity, non-corrosive gas applications where constant delivery pressure is required as cylinder pressures decrease. The materials of construction will not off-gas and contaminate the gas stream. This design is highly resistant to inboard diffusion of atmospheric contaminants. A diffusion resistant, packless diaphragm shut off valve is optional.

These regulators are highly recommended for critical high purity cylinder and OEM applications. They are able to withstand internal vacuums generated during purging operations. The HPT 500 incorporates advanced design features for maximum safety and ease of installation in complex piping systems."


  • Condition: New
  • Make: BOC
  • Type: 500 Series-3 Scientific
  • Model: HPT500-???-4F-4F ( was -125-)
  • Gas Type: Non-corrosive only
  • Regulator: -30 to +30psi (gauge)
  • Max Inlet: 3000psig (gauge 4000psi)
  • Relief Valve: VEC 0610-401HS
  • Certification Date: Dec05
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Retail price on the unit is approximately AUD$700.

The unit is sold with a Works on Arrival Warranty.

BOC HPT500-blank 4.jpg