Ramset CableMaster

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"The Cable Master uses PULSA Technology and is part of Ramset's 1 Step fixing system solution to fast cable installation. The Cable Master is ideal for installing electrical, data and communication cable systems to concrete, hollow blocks, steel and timber. Where cables need to be installed quickly for permanent or temporary use, the Cable Master cable installation system allows cable runs to be fixed around existing services, directly to the wall, floor or ceiling. This often reduces the need for cable or basket tray systems.

  • Automatic power adjustment - Provides precise control of pin depth
  • Powerful motor - Delivers high impact force when required
  • No power leads - Insures full job site mobility
  • Compact and balanced design - Reduces operator fatigue & Easy access to confined spaces
  • Pin Lock Out feature - Prevents blank firing"


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Gas Nail Gun
  • Make: Ramset
  • Series: Pulsa
  • Model: CableMaster
  • Force: 82J
  • Range: 15-35mm
  • Fuel Cell: appr 850 pins
  • Battery: 6V
  • Accessories: Spare Battery, AC Charger, User Manual, Hard Case
  • Engraving: "Nilsen" + various
  • Weight: 6.5kg

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