Norbar PTM92

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"Pneutorque' pneumatic wrenches provide a smooth and continuous output drive which can be controlled by means of an air pressure regulator (Lubro Control Unit). Having set the air pressure from the supplied graph, the tool will stall out with a repeatability of +/-5% on a given joint. When torque monitoring is required, or electronic shut off with a repeatability of +/-1%, annular transducers are available as an option on all models."


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Portable Torque Multiplier, Nut Runner
  • Make: Norbar
  • Model: PTM-92-3500-B
  • Serial: 2012G10702
  • Part: 18107.B08
  • Drive: 1", 25mm
  • Power: 3500Nm
  • Range: 700Nm to 3500Nm
  • Direction: Fwd/Rev
  • Free Speed: 41 rpm
  • Pressure: 76psi max
  • Accessories: Military Hard Case, Reaction Arm, 1"/1.5" Adapter, Socket Extension Bar, 60mm Deep Socket, Reaction Arm Holder
  • Engravings: "PTM08"
  • Weight: 30.0kg

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$14,000

This unit comes with a 30 Day Warranty.