Metabo MAG50

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This Mag Drill has come down off the Wheatstone Project. It ahs a few scratches from transit in a toolbox, but shows very little if any signs of having been used.

The drill comes without accessories and as shown in the photos.


  • Powerful magnetic core drill with large lift for core and full drilling
  • With electronics and right/left rotation for cutting threads, grinding and lowering
  • Robust Metabo Marathon Motor for up to 5 times increased service life for extra long service life
  • Mechanical two-gear drive with oil bath lubrication for tough tasks
  • Vario Tacho Constamatic (VTC) full-wave electronics
  • Integrated coolant container for optimal cooling of vertical and horizontal bores
  • Automatic coolant feed to the tip of the drill bit enables the machine to be used single-handedly
  • Magnet base with high holding power for safe operation
  • If the supplied safety strap is used, the product may also be used for working on vertical and sloping surfaces above the head."


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Magnetic Core Drill
  • Make: Metabo
  • Series: LED Lenser
  • Model: MAG-50
  • Serial: T3149205
  • Power: 1200W/620W (In/Out)
  • Torque: 90Nm/50Nm
  • Tap: M16
  • Drilling: 50mm cores, 20mm twist
  • Retainer: MK2 Morse, Weldon Shaft 3/4"
  • RPM: 250/450
  • Accessories: Nil
  • Input: 240VAC
  • Weight: 15.0kg

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$3000