Cembre ECWH3D

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"Hydraulic presshead complete with quick automatic coupler for connection to a hydraulic pump with a working pressure of 10,000 psi max, Adaptor type AU230-130D is available as an optional extra enabling the head to utilise the semi-circular slotted dies which are common to most 12 tons tools (U dies). Also available is a series of dies for the compression of DIN electrical connectors, and a die for cutting copper, aluminum, aldrey, aluminum-steel and steel conductors.
  • LV Lugs & Splices up to 630sqmm
  • HV Lugs & Splices up to 630sqmm
  • Insulated Terminals up to 300sqmm
  • C Sleeve, C Tap Connectors up to 240sqmm"


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Hydraulic Crimping Compression Head
  • Make: Cembre
  • Model: ECW-H3D
  • Serial: 10AK511
  • Capacity: 10mm2 to 630mm2
  • Output: 230kN
  • Pressure: 700bar
  • Dies: Nil
  • Accessories: 2m quick connect hose
  • Weight: 11.5.0Kg

Replacement price on this unit with the dies is approximately AUD$2500

This unit is sold with a Works on Arrival Warranty.