Voith 650TVVSC

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"The fluid coupling type TVVS is equivalent to the fluid coupling type TVV, enhanced with an annular chamber. When standing still, the fluid levels in the delay chamber, working circuit and the annular chamber are the same. The driven machine starts up extremely gently and the increase in torque is dependent upon the load. The coupling also protects the drive against overload and dampens torsional vibrations. This protects your system and increases its productivity. The fluid coupling type TVVS is predominantly used in belt conveyor drives."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Enlarged Delay with Annular Delay Hydraulic Turbo Coupling
  • Make: Voith Turbo
  • Series: TVVSC
  • Model: 650
  • Serial: 7232713
  • Part: 212006057
  • Input Speed: 300rpm to 1750rpm
  • Input Power: 13kW to 1000kW
  • Dimensions: Approximate 750mm Diameter, 500mm Depth, 450mm Flange
  • Packaging: Original Box, on Pallet
  • Weight: 193.0kg

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