Velocious Class5 Torque Tool

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"The Class 5 Torque Tool is designed and built by Velocious and is recommended for all instances requiring ISO 13628-8 Class 5 intervention. This robust subsea unit is the product of a detailed design process that affords the appropriate level of respect to the integrity critical tasks being carried out.Using an  innovative gearbox the tool delivers exceptional repeatability with zero backlash, providing the operator an unprecedented level of confidence. This tool  incorporates an integrated electronic display at the rear so that torque output and turns count can be continuously monitored. The tool also incorporates a visual turns indicator through 6 view ports on the main body housing.  The ROV handle can be configured to facilitate use of the tool in either the vertical or horizontal orientation, while the display located below the centreline of the tool provides optimal visibility regardless of tool orientation. The tool is fitted with an easily replaceable socket allowing installation of alternative interfaces. Connection to the ROV's hydraulic system can be achieved via an ISO 13628-8 dual port hot stab receptacle or bulkhead fittings, depending upon the preference of the operator. The hotstab receptacle can be mounted on either side of the tool, for added flexibility. This tool when used with an industry standard WROV does not require a subsea control system. Full proportional control can be provided by the WROV tooling manifold with live display of torque and turns counting on the tool. Alternatively, the manual turns counter can be used to monitor rotation while integral pressure relief valves prevent over-torque."


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Class 5 Rotary Docking (API 17D) Torque Tool
  • Make: Velocious
  • Model: Class 5 Torque Tool
  • Assy: V-00248600
  • VSN: 0841
  • Torque: 6800Nm
  • Speed: 5rpm max
  • Depth: 3000m
  • Rotary Torque Receptacle: ISO 13628-8 Class 5
  • Hydr Interface: Hotstab (Not Supplied), or direct hose connection
  • Temp: -15C to 45°C
  • Hydraulic: 130 bar supply (max), 20 LPM nominal
  • Display: Jupiter 2x4 Digit, Part# 023-14-52-141, Serial# 00-2846-3040
  • Calibrator: Class 5 SCU, Assy V0025157-1, VSN 0849 with IML TR150-RS232, 7000Nm serial #777
  • Accessories: Hard Case, Calibration Sheet, AC Charger
  • Dimensions: 842L x 374 Diameter
  • Weight: 84.0kg

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The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.