Topcon 9168

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NOTE: This unit has a Video Problem and is not working. The display throws up a series of coloured vertical lines. It maybe as simple as a video card or cable needing to be reseated - but its beyond my expertise. There are plenty of photos so maybe you can see the problem and get a cheap machine control unit.

"The Topcon 9168 combines the System 5 platform with a computer graphic display into a single, rugged unit that provides dual hydraulic control for 3- dimensional, stakeless GPS+ and LPS Controls, and 2D Control.  The high-resolution, bright touch screen display easily adapts to a variety of machine applications, providing the operator with easy to view graphical information.  A mounting bracket and one side or double side clamps secure the control box to the cab.  The clamps provide easy attachment at the beginning of the day and easy removal for storage at the end of the day. The 9168 is backward compatible with system four+  and System five sensors and remote switches."


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: 3D Machine Control Display
  • Make: Topcon
  • Model: 9168
  • Serial: 242-3293
  • Int Memory: 128M SDRAM
  • Ext Memory: Apacer 128MB CF Card
  • Suits: Dozer, Grader, Excavator, Paver, Scraper
  • Issues: Video - lines across screen
  • Weight: 5.4kg

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The unit is sold AS IS and Without Warranty.