Fludex FNDB565

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"The FLUDEX coupling is a hydrodynamic fluid coupling working on the Föttinger principle. The couplingparts on the in and output side are not connected to one another mechanically. The torque is transmitted by the fluid flowing in the coupling and conducted via radial blades. During continuous operation very low rotary speed slip occurs. FLUDEX couplings of the "FN.." series are suitable for both directions of rotation. They can be fitted in a horizontal, angled or vertical position. In case of couplings fitted in a sharply angled or vertical position the
hubcarrier part (120) (large prechamber) must be located at the bottom. The drive should preferably be directed via the hubcarrier part (120) to the outer wheel (blade shell 101) to enable the advantages of the prechamber (7) and the working chamber geometry to be utilised. If locked or overloaded by the driven machine, the coupling heats up until the fusing temperature of the safety fuse is reached. When the safety fuse fuses, the operating fluid escapes and the drive motor is disconnected from the driven machine. To prevent the operating fluid spurting out, electronically or mechanically controlled thermal monitoring equipment (see separate operating instructions) can be used.

Types FNDB and FNDS are FND couplings with brake drum or brake disk, the FNDSSB being suitable for stopping and holding brakes, the FNDSHB for holding brakes only."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Hydraulic Turbo Coupling
  • Make: Siemens Fludex
  • Series: Flender
  • Model: FNDB-565
  • Serial: 4681691/110
  • Input Speed: 600 to 2300rpm
  • Input Power: 28kW to 660kW
  • Oil: 23.5L
  • Accessories: Installtion Manual
  • Packaging: Original Plastic
  • Weight: 270.0kg

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