Fisher Type i2P-100

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"Fisher® i2P-100 electro-pneumatic transducer uses a patented converter module that converts a milliampere input to a proportional pressure output. Both the current input and pressure output range are user-configurable in the field. The converter module uses small parts of minimum mass, which are balanced symmetrically around a pivot point at the center of the mass. This balanced arrangement results in a high performance instrument that reduces sensitivity to vibration. An integral pneumatic relay provides the high capacity necessary to drive pneumatic control valve/actuator assemblies without additional boosters or positioners. The transducer also provides stable, accurate operation when its output is transmitted to small volume chambers, such as a pneumatic positioner or other pneumatic instrument. Reduced sensitivity to vibration, combined with high capacity and first order lag characteristics, make the i2P-100 transducer suitable for direct mounting on control valve/actuator combinations."


    • Condition: New
    • Type: Electro Pneumatic Transducer
    • Make: Fisher Emerson
    • Model: Type i2P-100
    • Serial: 18214152
    • Input: 4-20mA
    • Output: 3-30psi
    • Original Packaging: Yes
    • Weight: 2.9kg

    Fisher i2P100 User Manual

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