FCI FLT93L Water/Hydrocarbon/Gas Flow & Temp Transmitter/Analyze

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This Flow & Temperature transmitter appears to be new. It has had minor use is probably from the calibration & certification process.

"The FLT93L inline type FlexSwitch for flow and temperature monitoring represents the first true technological breakthrough in thermal technology in over a decade. FCI is the only thermal manufacturer providing temperature compensation to ensure set point accuracy for process temperatures that vary up to ± 100° F. The FLT93L is easily field-configured or factory preset, providing unparalleled flexibility, accuracy and stability for all multiple process sensing and switching requirements."


  • Condition: New
  • Make: FCI - Fluid Components International
  • Type: Inline Flexswitch Flow & Temperature Transmitter
  • Model: FTL93L-3B1A1AD1A00000
  • Serial: 262287
  • Tag: FS-33552
  • Year: Nov05
  • Input: 115/240VAC & 24VDC
  • Relay: 6A @ 115/240VAC & 28VDC
  • Max Press: 2000psi
  • Weight: 3.0kg

FCI FTL93L Specifications

This unit comes with a Works on Arrival Warranty.