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This unit is still Factory Sealed in its original Packaging.

"The LGPG111 is a multi-function relay which integrates a number of common generator protection functions and associated scheme logic into a single relay case.The LGPG111 can be applied to a wide range of generators. Each of its protection functions can be enabled or disabled to suit individual requirements. This approach avoids the need for application-specific relay versions, and simplifies the tasks of relay specification, evaluation and project planning. The integrated scheme logic eliminates much panel engineering work by reducing the need for auxiliary relays and associated external wiring. Contacts from external protection and plant monitoring equipment can be connected to any of the eight optically-isolated inputs. This allows external information to be incorporated into the relay’s userconfigurable scheme logic. The optically-isolated inputs and relay outputs may be labelled in the software for local or remote monitoring. These functions can be recorded in the alarm and event recording facilities."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Generator Protection Unit
  • Make: GEC Alsthom Alstom
  • Model: LGPG11101R11MED (Flush Panel, 24V Aux Volt, 5A Ct Rating, English)
  • Serial: 356876J
  • Case: 4U High Modular
  • Standard: ISO9001/BS5750 Part 1/EN29001
  • Cert of Conformity: Enclosed
  • Manuals: 4 x User Manuals, 4 x Application Guides
  • Weight: 24.5kg

This unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.