Beluk BLRCX06

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"The Power Factor Regulator BLR CX is an intelligent and easy to handle device for monitoring and control of inductive and capacitive compensation systems. Only a few settings are necessary to set up the controller and to run the automatic initialisation. Efficient and easy in handling, the power-value, cos phi value and step sizes are automatically detected and monitored after initialisation. The detected step sizes are constantly examined and updated so that the compensation always works with actual values. The capacitor’s ageing processes are monitored and trigger an alarm when dropping below a specific output value."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Power Factor Regulator
  • Make: Beluk Gmbh
  • Model: BLR-CX-06
  • Serial: 1086343
  • Input: 115/230VAC
  • Im: 10mA - 5A
  • Accessories: User Manual
  • Packaging: Original
  • Weight: 2.0kg

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