ABB eVD4P121225

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"The Smart eVolution The eVD4 circuit-breaker is a complete plug and play medium voltage electrical plant protection system. It is the evolution of the traditional concept of a circuit-breaker and, with a single device, carrying out the breaking, measurement, protection, control and communication functions. eVD4 is equipped with Relion® technology based protection and control unit RBX615. The eVD4 also integrates combined current and voltage sensors. With this integrated solution, the MTTR – Mean Time to Repair – of the system managed by eVD4 is much shorter than traditional solutions. In a single device, the vacuum circuit-breaker Type eVD4 with the Embedded Poles PT2 is equipped with current and voltage measurement plus protection and communication capabilities to the latest state of the art (IEC 61850 “smart grids enabled”), on addition to conventional circuit-beaker functionality. The smart eVD4s optimize the substation’s entire life-cycle: thanks to leaner concepts for design, wiring and testing, simple maintenance and optimization of spares. They make possible increased network availability, thanks to automated protection functions based on sensor technology and expanded self-diagnostic functions. Integration of the Embedded Poles PT ensures reduced emissions of CO2"


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker with Integrated Protection and Control Functions VCB
  • Make: ABB (Italy)
  • Series: eVD4/P
  • Model: 12.06.25
  • Serial: 1VC1BB00039534
  • Year: 2011
  • Options: RBX615 overcurrent, earthfault, over- and undervoltage, thermal overload, and other motor protection functions
  • Class: M2
  • Ur: 12kV
  • Up: 75kV
  • Ud: 28kV
  • Freq: 50Hz
  • Ir: 1250A
  • Ik: 25kA, 3sec
  • Isc: 25kA, 63kA Peak @ 12kV
  • Ic: 25A
  • Controller: eVD4 HMI, Serial# 1VH181010263
  • Mechanism: MAS 110VAC, MBU 48VDC, RBX615
  • PowerCube:  PB1/F, Serial# 1VC1BB000043252
  • Earthing Switch:  ST-E 17.31-150
  • Accessories:
  • Weight: 124.0kg

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