ABB AV2321000 I/P Positioner

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"The Type AV1 and Type AV2 positioners are control devices that satisfy a wide range of applications. They provide fast, sensitive and accurate positioning of pneumatic single or double acting actuators.
.... The Type AV2 positioner accepts a four to 20-milliamp current that is applied to an I/P (current to pneumatic) converter, located inside the housing, to generate an internal signal pressure.
If a loss of signal occurs, the Type AV2 positioner goes to the four-milliamp position."


    • Condition: New
    • Type: I/O Valve Positioner
    • Make: ABB
    • Model: AV2321000
    • Serial: 03W027460
    • Stroke: 24.4-101.6mm linear rotary input 90deg
    • Supply: 25-150psi
    • Input: 4-20mA 30VDC
    • Enclosure: NEMA 4X
    • Original Packaging: Yes
    • Weight: 3.0kg

    ABB AV2321000 Positioner User Manual

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