Ramix RM235 VME Host Bus Adapter

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"The GE Fanuc / Ramix RM235 VME Host Bus Adapter is designed to utilize different PCMCIA cards (Release 2.1) It accepts PCMCIA SRAM, FLASH, Magnetic Disk, FAX/Modem, Ethernet, GPS, GPIB, SCSI II, DAQ, RS232, Audio and others. The RM235 takes four (4) PCMCIA cards of either Type I/II or two (2) Type III. Software drivers are available for each card, running under a multitude of Operating Systems. Hot insertion and removal of the card. The RM235 has no jumpers or switches and it is completely software configurable.


  • Quad PCMCIA Slots
  • Utilizes Different PCMCIA Cards
  • Used for a Variety of Applications
  • Three Modes of Operation"



  • Condition: Used
  • Type: VME Host Bus Adapter
  • Make: Ramix
  • Model: RM235
  • Part: 700212
  • Rev: F
  • Weight: 0.5kg

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