Avaya IP406 OFFICE VOIP Phone System A-LAW 700234461

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"The IP Office 406 system is suitable for the larger office and has an initial configuration of 8 or 30 lines and no extensions but can be increased to 60 lines and 190 extensions. ISDN (2 or 30) line connections are provided by default and additional modules include ISDN expansion, extension or Voice Over IP. Caller display is available on all compatible telephones and software is included to provide management, voice mail, call logging, call status and desktop control of telephones."


  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Avaya
  • Type: Digital Terminal Expansion Module
  • Model: IP406 OFFICE A-LAW PCS07
  • Part #: 700234461
  • Serial: 02WM51037405 or thereabouts
  • Trunk Ports: 8
  • Expansion Ports: 6 (rear)
  • Rear Ports: DTE, WAN & Audio
  • Weight: 3kg


Manufacturer's Link: http://www.avaya-phones.com.au

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The unit is sold with a Works on Arrival Warranty.

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