Simoco SRM9000UW

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"The SRM9000 mobile radio provides leading edge radio communications. This radio has evolved to address the needs of diverse markets from simple voice through to advanced system applications. The functionality and flexibility provided by our unique Xmode platform ensures it will meet your current and future needs. Dual mode, conventional & Trunk. This radio is P25 digital upgradeable. Electrical performance and noise immunity improvements Space for a wide range of option boards: GPS, 600 Ohm, System Interface/Encryption, Dual head and Serial/Parallel I/O (DMAP).Full Xmode capability including 1000 PMR channels, TMR (2 x MPT Trunking Networks), P25 Trunked, P25 conventional, data, messaging, signalling, scanning and voting all in the one radio."


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: UHF Radio
  • Make: Simoco
  • Model: SRM9000 UW
  • Serial: 3RUHX06471W94
  • Band: 440MHz to 520MHz
  • Output: 1W or 5W
  • P25 Upgradeable: Yes
  • Ch Spacing: 12.5/25kHz
  • Microphone: SRM9022
  • Accessories: Mounting Bracket
  • Weight: 3.0kg

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