Meshdynamics MD4350AAIX

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"... nodes connect as logical branches of a tree. As in Nature, a tree based routing is scalable and time deterministic. Tree networks are secure and self healing.  The loss or corruptions of one branch of the tree,  does not cripple the tree. The logical tree automatically supports simpler link topologies: Pont-to-Point and Point-to-Multiple-Points. The Java based Network Management System (NMS) enables the user to configure, monitor and analyze the MD4000 mesh network. MD4000 nodes appear as graphical widgets with multiple LED status indicators, allowing point-and-click management. Source code is available for customization, and work flow integration."


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Structured Mesh Radio Network Module
  • Make: Meshdynamics
  • Series: MD4000
  • Model: MD4350-AAIx
  • Serial: 00256997/1110/0
  • Config: 3 radios, 11a uplink, downlink, slots 0,1. Both 11b and 11g service available on slot 2 Slot 3 empty
  • Radios: 2.4GHz service radio slot-2, 5.8GHz uplink Slot-0, 5.8GHz downlink slot-1
  • Accessories: Mounting Brackets,
  • Packaging: Original but damaged
  • Weight: 2.0kg

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