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"Compact in size, powerful, robust and reliable, the TX4800 series provides the perfect communications solution for use in the harshest of our Australian environments. The IP67 rating makes the series ideal for a broad range of market applications and offers outstanding feature sets, which make it an ideal choice for both broad band switching and multiple channel infrastructures. With 500 RF channels programmable and reusable in 50 Zones or groups the TX4800 series offers a truly generic dimension for wide area coverage. The large backlit LCD screen and 9 digit alpha tag feature allows for instant recognition of the operational channel and zone."


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Ruggedised Vehicle Mount Radio Transceiver
  • Make: GME
  • Model: TX4800V
  • Serial: 20703357
  • Band: 136-174MHz
  • Spacing: 12.5/25KHz
  • Output: 25W
  • Channels: 500, 50 zones
  • Modes: CTCSS, DCS, RSSI voting, MDC1200 and DTMF
  • Enclosure: IP67
  • Accessories: Mounting Bracket
  • Weight: 1.7kg

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