Qualcomm GSP1620 Antenna

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Please note that only the antenna is being sold.

"The The GSP-1620 modem offers data communication solutions,particularly for Remote Monitoring and Supervisory Control  and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications in locations such as power substations,  telecommunication concentration nodes, oil and gas wells, pipes, and offshore facilities. The QUALCOMM Globalstar GSP-1620 Satellite DataModem delivers reliable digital data communications wherever Globalstar data  service is available, using QUALCOMM’s patented CDMA technology and the Globalstar Communications System’s constellation of 48 low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites. The GSP-1620 modem handles two kinds of data connections:

• Packet — over the Internet or other TCP/IP packet-switched network
• Asynchronous — routed through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to a destination modem"


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Globalstar Satellite Antenna
  • Make: Qualcomm
  • Model: GSP-1620
  • Rev: -/- 405
  • Weight:0.5kg

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