Tronair 1843060000

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This Nitrogen/Helium trolley/pump system is ex Govt and has never been used.

**** Tronair have confirmed that the Nitrogen & Helium carts are the same except for the decals, and the N2 decals can be purchased for appr US$300.


  • Condition: Unused
  • Type: Aircraft Helicopter Helium Bottle Booster tow service cart
  • Make: Tronair
  • Model: 18-4306-0000
  • Serial: 4005101101
  • DOM: 2010
  • Low Pressure: 0 to 500psi
  • Hi Pressure: 25 to 4000psi,
  • Bottles: 4 x 23cm diameter (not included)
  • Accessories: canvas cover, assorted hoses and fittings
  • Dimensions: 120H x 78W x 200cm (towbar up)
  • Weight: 160.0kg

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