01dB Duo

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"DUO has a high-quality finish; easy fastening profile for mounting securely on a tripod; soft touch rubber grip; and sunlight-proof colour display legibility. Stand-out features include DUO’s one-of-a-kind, weather and waterproof microphone for use in all conditions, and fully integrated GPS and WiFi / 3G connectivity for remote operation.

A SMART SYSTEMDUO software system is the result of 01dB’s decades of expertise in environmental monitoring. The system offers the highest metrological quality and an unparalleled range of functions including:

• Accurate & relevant noise indicators

• A smart system of event detection filters

• Continuous metrological audio recording

• Remote listening capability • Automatic calibrator detection

• Electronic checks to ensure flawless metrology

• IEC 61672 Class 1 certification (for 0° and 90° reference directions) by LNE, PTB and METAS laboratories"


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Smart Noise Meter and Monitoring Station with GPS
  • Make: 01dB Metravib, ACOEM
  • Model: Duo
  • Serial: 10753
  • Options: S-T-A-E-C-F-L (Spectrum/Trigger/Audio/Ethernet/Check/FTP server/Log)
  • Microphone: Integrated, serial# 161919
  • Hware: 3F2D3D
  • App Fware: 2.34
  • Met FW: 2.10
  • OpSys: Windows Embedded CE6.0
  • Last Cal: 2015
  • Comms: USB, RJ45, Wifi, 3G
  • Screen: Colour
  • Calibrator: No
  • Accessories: Microphone Sock, SD Card, Hard Case,
  • Standards: IEC 61672-1 2002 CLass 1, IEC 61260 1995 1/1 and 1/3 Oct Class 1
  • Weight: 3.1kg

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The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.