Wiltron 56100A

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This analyzer passes all tests and has been checked by our local Calibration shop.

“Scalar Network Analyzer Measures insertion loss, insertion gain, or RF power with 76 dB dynamic range. Frequency Range: 1 MHz – 110 GHz Dynamic Range: 76 dB Measures and displays in dB swept transmission and return loss characteristics. Four independent display channels Save/recall setup including cal data Direct plotter or printer output Requires External Source and Detector(s) and/or Bridge”


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Scalar Network Analyzer
  • Make: Wiltron Anritsu
  • Model: 56100A
  • Serial: K601010
  • Fware: 2.00
  • Applications: Trace, Cursor, Ramp Output Control, Tilting, Volts Mode, Calibration Options, Amplifier Testing
  • Range: 1MHz to 110GHz
  • Calibration:
  • Weight: 15.0kg

This unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.


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